eGEOTRACES Electronic Atlas
Reiner Schlitzer, Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Bremerhaven, Germany

The eGEOTRACES electronic atlas contains section plots and animated 3D scenes for a large number of hydrographic parameters as well as trace elements and isotopes measured along GEOTRACES cruise tracks. Users select tracers, cruise tracks and ocean basins in easy and intuitive ways. eGEOTRACES then presents tracer distributions along the selected sections or animated 3D scenes showing tracer distributions along all available sections in the selected basin. Section plots and animations contain the names of the scientists who produced or are responsible for the data. Section and 3D scene pages also contain links to the original publications associated with the given tracer and cruise. The atlas covers the Arctic, Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Ocean and will be extended when new GEOTRACES data become available. Visit the GEOTRACES home page to learn more about this exciting international marine geochemical programme.

eGEOTRACES is designed to be easy to use and navigate. The 3D scenes provide geographical context crucial for correctly assessing extent and origin of tracer plumes as well as for inferring processes acting on the tracers and shaping their distribution. The numerous links to other tracers, sections and basins found on section plots and 3D scenes allow for quick switching between tracers and domains and facilitate comparative studies. In addition to usage for marine research, the eGEOTRACES visual material can benefit teaching and outreach activities and facilitate conveying societal-relevant scientific results to interested non-scientists or decision makers.

The plots and animations were produced using data from the GEOTRACES Intermediate Data Product 2021 (IDP2021_v1) together with the Ocean Data View (ODV) and Ocean3D software packages. The tracer distributions were obtained using the DIVA interpolation software integrated in ODV. Please note that IDP2021_v1 actually contains more data for more cruises and tracers than are shown in this electronic atlas.

Proceed by clicking    eGEOTRACES Map    and follow the instructions. This is version of eGEOTRACES is based on IDP2021_v1.

• Citation

If you use eGEOTRACES plots or animations in your publications or outreach material please cite eGEOTRACES as follows:

Schlitzer, Reiner, eGEOTRACES - Electronic Atlas of GEOTRACES Sections and Animated 3D Scenes,, 2021.

• Acknowledgements

The eGEOTRACES atlas is based on the GEOTRACES Intermediate Data Product 2021. Please see the IDP2021 Acknowledgements document for a list of individuals and groups that have created this data product.

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